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10 things that do not make sense to me in this world ! back
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  1. I just checked EBuyer, and it appears I can buy a brand new Samsung laser printer for £47.99, yet it costs £35.64 for the replacement toner. So by the time my toner runs out, it will be cheaper to throw away the printer and buy a new one, rather than stock up on a spare toner now. Do manufacturers encourage recycling ? You decide.
  2. My neighbour parks his £40,000 Porsche Boxster in the drive in front of his house, and puts the spare bed which costs £50 in his garage.
  3. Ten years ago it cost £5.99 to have my negatives developed into photos. I found out they can do the same for 99p these days. So have I been ripped off for the last ten years ? (cheaper production costs do not qualify here as people are moving to digital these days)
  4.  Why do the lights at the pedestrian crossings have a button for you to press, then completely ignores you on when it wants to go green ?
  5. Why do the countries which have the word "Democratic" in their official names only have one political party ?
  6. What is the point of an Open Prison ?
  7. Why do we quote temperatures in Centigrade in the winter and in Fahrenheit in the Summer ?
  8. Why does my credit card provider's online payment facility have an option called "Pay by Credit Card" ?
  9. Why do people drive their car to the Gym to exercise ?
  10. Why do people drive their 4x4 Jeep Grand Cherokee to the recycle point ?

Previous article: 10 Things I learned this week view

 by by David at 17 Nov 2007 18:03:27
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