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This world we live in, is it worth fighting for ? back
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It is a mixed bag of good and bad news, some make you think this world and humanity deserve to be saved, others make you think, what the hell, it ain't worth it. Make up your own mind, is humanity worth saving ?

  1. Warren Buffett, the second richest man in the world, has given away 80% of his wealth to charitable causes. This is a princely sum of $37 billion, in case you are wondering source
  2. Kenneth Lay, the man at the helm of Enron when it collapsed, might be indicted and convicted, but does that mean he is broke ? Well, maybe not source
  3. Andrew Hawkins, a descendant of Sir John Hawkins, the 19th Century slave trader, publicly apologised for his ancestor's misdeeds to the supposed descendants of the slaves who were sold source
  4. A new film called "The Inconvenient Truth" makes it debut to highlight the effects of Globel Warming, a cause championed by Al Gore, the once US Vice President source
  5. Billie Piper, the ex-wife of multi millionaire Chris Evans, said she would not take a penny from him in the divorce settlement source
  6. Anna Nicole Smith's principal foe in the battle for the fortunes of her ex-husband, namely her 'stepson', has died. This could swing the odds in her favour to inherit the vast estate being contested source
  7. David Beckham, the Captain of the England football squad, defies the critics to score the only goal against Ecuador, which propels England into the quarter final of the 2006 Fifa World Cup source
  8. Bruno the brown Bear, a native of Italy, was shot dead by German hunters because he helped himself to some German sheeps, not to mention he crossed the border without any valid papers source
  9. Superman has returned source
  10. Hamas, the ruling Palestinian Party, refuses to recognise the state of Israel source

Previous article: 10 Things I learned this week view

 by by David at 27 Jun 2006 22:25:10
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