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Im in Europe and i have quite a situation.

I bought a EX-Z750 two years ago and it has served me so well. I have recommended Casio cameras to other people... my girlfriend in particular(the EX-Z77). She left for africa, took the camera, used it for two weeks and then bam... got that lens error that everyone talks about(blurry images past 1meter, sometimes works fine, sometimes doesnt even fully start). I then left for europe and two weeks into my time there, boom, my camera(the 750) does the same thing. I freak out, and try to look up something to explain whats happening... nothing. I decide that its no use and i order a new z1200 for a two week trip to africa to visit my girlfriend and the rest of my time in europe(4months). I got it the day before i left and loved it for two weeks... and then bam... in the middle of the bush in africa, the similar thing happened. The camera will try to start up, the lens gets 2/3 of the way out, screen black, no noise, when you press the green play button... the lens retracts and i can view my photos.

I am livid, i loved casio and then i started to have these problems. I hate this, why doesnt casio own up to there problems and issue a recall?
by Guest User at 25 Mar 2008 00:27:21
We have bought 3 Casio cameras, two have had problems with the lens sticking, the EX-P700 after 5 minutes, the Z40 after 2 weeks.  Casio winged about repairing them, the Z40 was covered by an insurance policy.  Now the 700's flash does not work, making an expensive camera almost useless.  Goodby Casio !
by Andrew Bailey at 11 Apr 2007 17:49:45
Hi. I had this same problem on a Casio QV-R4 - which has been a great camera otherwise - and managed to FIX it !! . I imagine the internal lens mechanisms for Exilm range will be similar. Exact symptoms of my problem: on start-up, lens would extend to about full length, then I would hear a quick clicking/whirring sound of some kind of gear/cog failure. Next the lens would retract itself, the LCD screen showed "lens error" and the machine would power-off. MY FIX (might not work for everyone): Seeing it was way out of warranty AND has fungus on the lens anyway, I took the back off and started the cam... over and over, looking for the problem. Eventually I could see that down at the bottom of the Cam, on the Lower right side of the LCD the is a small white plastic cog which made the strange noise. Next to that (it's very difficult to see) the white cog drives (?) a larger black one - it may be something to do with the focus mechanism - but thats just a guess. Trying to move the cog gently with a tiny screwdriver I could feel that it got stuck on a tight spot once every revolution in the same place. Tried to work the tight spot out with no luck and thought - "what the..." I'll squirt a tiny drop of WD fluid in there on the both cogs (seeing the camera was useless to me at this point). Lo and behold a few minutes later the camera started just fine, lens extends and contracts properly with NO ERROR!!. So ... if your DigiCam is out of warranty and otherwise headed for the trash can try this - it just might work. PLEASE NOTE - I'm 100% certain that no Digicam manufacturer would recommend using oil in your camera. It would most probably void all warranties. If you do it - use as little oil as possible and apply it to as small an area as possible. Wipe off any excess after. The only reason I tried this was because the Camera was otherwise out of warranty and useless to me as it was. - Now at least it works - but I still need a solution for fungus on the lens!!...yeah right !! :-((. I'll try and post a couple of photos of the operation somewhere and link there in the near future. Or anyone interested came e-mail me at dukey_e(AT) (use @ symbol obviously!!). good luck - E
by Earl Barry at 11 Mar 2007 04:40:36
Casio Exilim Z750 'Lens error' ! back
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If you thought of buying one of those Casio Exilim camera range, specially the Z series and its successors, you might want to know that one thing is left out of the glossy brochure. The lens machanism tends to get stuck. This happened to me after just eight months. I discovered that it seems the problem is linked to the badly designed power button, which can be accidentally activated if placed in a case (which you tend to do with a digital camera to protect the sensitive electronics, right ?). Anyway, the first thing the camera does when it is switched on is to push out the lens, and because it is still in the case, it fails to do this. I should have seen this coming as I thought the battery drained a bit too quickly a few times, even though I had not used the camera.

Once the camera starts to report 'lens error', you are in real trouble. I was unfortunate enough to have this problem manifest itself next to the LCD display, causing the whole thing to leak internally. The result ? I sent it back to Casio and had real problem getting them to acknowledge this is not due to any mishandling. It seems unless they issue a recall, to them the problem does not exist.

I have been quoted the repair bill, as they refuse to do this under warranty, and it is more than the list price of the camera currently. It sounds like I am in the market for a new camera, and this time no barge pole is going to be long enough to separate me and this dodgy brand and its aftersales customer service.

Hopefully I helped someone saving themselves some money if they are thinking of investing in a new digital camera. 

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 by by David at 05 Feb 2006 00:35:25
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