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Why do a Route Finder for the London Underground ? There is already a very comprehensive journey planner at Transport For London (or TfL). Well, my Route Finder is meant to be for a different purpose. It is designed to be the focal point for Underground (or Tube) users to add useful information and expert knowledge, for the benefit of other users. I use TfL as well, but there are certain things I can not do with it, namely:

  • If I know a much better shortcut that is more convenient the the suggested routes, there is no way for me to add it to the site. The information can be useful to other commuters
  • The Route Finder I designed makes suggestions of the names of the stations as you start typing, rather than telling me when it starts searching that the name is not valid
  • There is no way to add Points of Interest (POI) along the routes with TfL
  • There is no way for me to indicate that at an interchange, I am better off sitting at a certain portion of the train to get to the exit quicker
  • I can not vote for the more popular routes, or vote against the inconvenient routes
  • The Route Finder here is designed to plug the gaps above, and is meant to be used alongside TfL, not competing with them. The more information you all contribute, the more useful it becomes for everyone else. After all, this is the age of Web 2.0, where collaboration works !


    You should start with the Route Finder to locate the routes of interest. There are Points of Interest automatically added to each route you view. I am NOT affiliated with any of these POI's, I simply enter them if I find them interesting. If you know of one POI, please add it here so others can enjoy it too. Please do not add the ones like Big Ben, or Nelson's Column, as these can be readily found in most Tourist shops anyway. You should go for places which are off the beaten paths, specially if you have expert local knowledge about it.

    The route is also shown overlayed on top of the London Underground map. All the stations are marked in colours of the line and if you hover you mouse over each mark, it will show you the name of the station.

    There is a Route Designer facility attached to each route you search for. If you want to add a secret route only you know about which halves the journey time, why not let others know ?

    Each station along the route has a Google Map icon if you want to know about the surroundings, or you can click on the community link , which takes you to the page dedicated for that station, where you can leave a message, add a headline, or some other expert knowledge related to the station.

    In general, most parts of the site are editable, although certain parts require that you logon. This is more for the reason of usability than anything else (it does not make sense to post a 'For Sale' item anonymously).

    Let me know if you have any suggestion to improve the site (I have already incorporated a lot of these suggestions into the design and contents of the site, but the more the better)

    David dot Tran at Transcraft dot co dot uk

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